Clear Tech Advice
Making Technology Work for You

Buying, Building or Designing a Home

Buying, building or designing a home is a great time to learn about and integrate the latest technologies. From home theater design to lighting automation, distributed music to wireless networking, Clear Tech Advice can show you what's out there and answer all of your questions without the technical jargon you'll get from a vendor.

We work with real estate agents, architects, builders and vendors to translate your thoughts on how your home should work into the best solutions to make it so.

Some Examples of our Services
  • Pre- or post-purchase assessment
  • Options for retrofitting a home
  • Identification of existing infrastructure
  • Home theater design
  • Evaluating/ensuring compatibility
  • Recommending cost-effective products
  • Security system design
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Unbiased evaluation of proposals/bids
  • Programming and system maintenance
Clear Tech Advice
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